Chain Strike v1.0.5 Update Details Revealed via Developers Note

Hello all! Details have been released surrounding the next Major Update (v1.0.5) to Chain Strike. Once we have a date and more details, we’ll share it here! For now, grab your favorite beverage and read on. Greetings from the Chain Strike Team! We hope that you’ve been enjoying […] v2.0 – Phase 1 NOW LIVE!

Hello everyone! I’m happy to announce the first phase of the next set of upgrades to v2.0. v2.0 // April 24th, 2018 User Registration You are now able to register for a account, which features a profile you can keep updated and share with others. […]

Mushbeard Gaming Video: Pincer Attacks Explained

Hey Chain Strike fans! The awesome Mushbeard Gaming is back with another video, this time explaining how Pincer Attacks work. Check it out below, and be sure to like and subscribe to his channel!

First Chain Strike Tournament for Global and EU Announcement!

Hey Chain Strike fans! I’m happy to announce that we’ve taken community feedback and the results of our Tournament poll and the first date of our bi-weekly Chain Strike PvP Tournament will be May 12th, 2018 for both Global AND EU servers! For full details and sign-up links please […]

Chain Strike F2P Guide (by JoshieLove)

Before jumping into Chain Strike seriously, you may want to know the “P2W” factor. How competitive can I be in Chain Strike as a F2P player? How do I best play as a F2P player in Chain Strike? In Com2uS’ other game Summoner’s War, we’re all familiar with […]

Gear/Equipment Guide and Data on Stars and Rarity (with damage calculator for neck choices) (by TimaeuSS)

Hi everyone! TimaeuSS here again. Managed to clear Kraken 10F today and placed 2nd in PvP last season so it’s been a fantastic week for me : ) Thought I’d share some tips and data on equipments so new players can reference this as they push deeper into […] Sdorica Global Guides

The global launch of Sdorica Sunset is less than 24 hours away! I’m happy to present the newest site in the Mobile Gaming Network to help you with Sdorica guides, Sdorica tier lists, and even a Sdorica Global forum:! Site: Sdorica Global Forum: Sdorica Global […]

NEW FEATURE: Chain Strike Guardian Ratings Database!

Good morning Chain Strike fans! Chain Strike Guardian Ratings I am happy to present our latest feature on, the Chain Strike Guardian Ratings Database. In our goal to be your #1 source for all things related to Chain Strike, we’ve taken a big step forward with this […]

Chain Strike Best Tips and Tricks of the Week for April 15th, 2018

Every week I gather the best Chain Strike tips and tricks posted across the community and share them here in one post on If you have something awesome to share this week, feel free to drop it in the comments below! Without further ado, lets get started. […]